Winter Carnival Hockey 2017 Tournament Rules

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Monday, January 16th - Sunday, January 22th, 2017

Welcome to the annual Roblin Park Winter Carnival and Hockey Tournament!

Tournament Information

All games will be played at the Roblin Park Community Club located at 640 Pepperloaf Crescent in Charleswood.

Due to dressing room congestion, please have players arrive fully dressed (besides skates).  Dressing rooms will not be available until 15 minutes before game time.  Also, please vacate the dressing rooms as soon as possible to allow the next team adequate time to get ready for the following game.  Please have one parent with your hockey player in the dressing room only!

In the packages distributed to coaches at the first game, there will be a coupon for all players and an extra 2 for coaches.  This is for one free pancake breakfast, one free hot chocolate and one free hot dog available at the kitchen.  The kitchen and canteen are located in the main clubhouse.

The 5/6 year old teams will play on the single rink located on the north side of Club (Rink 3).  The dressing rooms for that rink are just past the rink to the west (towards the toboggan slides).  1/2 ice for each game.  2 games on rink #3, and we have opened up a ‘Classic’ rink for the 5/6’s at the pond!  Change room for the pond will be in the “Ice Man” Room - specially made for the 5/6’s.  

For the 5/6 year old teams, no scores will be kept.  It is still about having fun!!

The 7/8 year old teams, will play on one of two rinks located to the south (Rinks 1 and 2 - Rink 1 is closest to the south parking lot).  The dressing rooms are located between those two rinks.

For the 7/8 year old teams, scores will be kept and there will be finals held on the weekend - times to be confirmed, but planned for Saturday/Sunday (weather permitting).

Games will start at the time listed on the schedule with no delay due to the late arrivals.

The results of each 7/8 game and the standings for the 7/8 teams will be posted in the dressing room clubhouse at the end of each day.

Games will be cancelled if the temperature is colder than - 25 C, or the windchill factor exceeds - 28 Celsius two hours prior to game time.  We will try to notify teams by email prior to that two hour period.

Included in this package are the more detailed tournament rules (see below this).  Please read these carefully, as there is important information on how the tournament will be run.

The contact for the hockey portion of the Carnival is:

Paul Mingotti, ph: 204-793-1350.  email:

It may be necessary to make several changes to the schedule each day if the weather interferes with the playing of the games, so please be patient with us.  These changes will be emailed as soon as they are available to the designated person on your team.  If you wish to add additional names to the email distribution list, please advise us (Paul Mingotti) ASAP.

The players, coaches, managers and families are also invited to participate in the various activities throughout the week.  The events will be posted in the main clubhouse on our website and facebook

Mon Jan 16 - Movie Night

Tue Jan 17 - Charleswood Hawks Vs RP 7/8 and 5/6 Vs the Mascots 

Wed. Jan. 18 - Live feed for Wpg Jets game in the main hall

Thurs Jan 19 - Family Bingo 7 – 9 pm

Fri. Jan. 20 - Bonfire and Hot Chocolate 7 pm 

Fri. Jan. 20 - Fireworks 9 pm

Sat. Jan. 21 - Pancake Breakfast 9 – 11 am

Sat. Jan. 21 - Children’s Activities 11am to 3:00 pm

Sat. Jan. 21 - Adult Broomball/Casino Fundraiser Social 6:00 pm to 1 am

Sun Jan 22 - Pancake Breakfast 9-11am

Sun. Jan. 22 - Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides  11 am to 2 pm

Sun Jan 22 - Sunday Funday 11am-1pm

Sun Jan 22 - Raffle Draw/puck shoot after 3pm

Throughout the week - canteen/BBQ, candy table, Friendship raffle, 50/50.  

Thanks for participating in the 2017 ROBLIN PARK Winter Carnival and Hockey Tournament!ROBLIN PARK WINTER CARNIVAL & HOCKEY TOURNAMENT RULES

All usual C.A.H.A. and W.M.H.A. rules apply, except as indicated below regarding overtime play.  In particular, the rules relating to fair play and NO double shifting apply.  All games will be two (2), 21-minute periods with 3 minute running time shifts.  Teams may decide to take a 5-minute break between periods if agreed by both teams and the Timekeeper.

A Team’s Game Sheet is to consist only of those players listed on the Game Sheet submitted to the team’s league.  When an unavoidable absence reduces a Game Sheet to below 12, the team may bring the Game Sheet up to 12 using temporary players on a game-to-game basis.  These players may be advanced as per rules in the W.M.H.A. Rules Handbook.  Teams with only 8 or fewer players will forfeit that game as per league guidelines.  If a team has less than 10 skaters (but enough to still play), double shifting will NOT be allowed, so the team will have to play short on shifts.

In the event of a penalty called by the referee in a 7/8 game, the player is removed to the bench for the remainder of that shift.  There are no penalties in 5/6 games.

Goalies cannot be pulled at any time.

Timekeepers will be provided BY THE HOME TEAM to keep time and to record the score for each 7/8 game. 

During Round Robin play on the 7/8 side, the winning team will be awarded 2 points, 1 point is awarded for a tie and 0 points for a loss.  Ties will not be broken during Round Robin play (ie. no overtime during the Round Robin).

There will be two pools in the 7/8 tournament.  The two teams with the most points in each pool after the Round Robin segment will advance to the playoffs.

Ties in the standings of each Round Robin group will be broken as follows:

1) Record against each other (ie. winner of the Round Robin Game)

2) Fewest total goals against

3) Most total goals for

In playoff games, a winner must be decided.  Overtime will be played to determine a winner in the event of a tie.  Overtime will be running time and will be played as follows:

Shift 1 – 3 on 3 with a Goalie for 1 minute 30 seconds (the first 3 players on the Game Sheet will play, or skaters 1 – 3 as numbered on the Game Sheet prior to the game specifically for overtime).

Shift 2 – 2 on 2 with a Goalie for 1 minute 30 seconds (the next 2 players on the Game Sheet will play (or skaters 4 - 5 as numbered on the Game Sheet prior to the game specifically for overtime).

Shift 3 – 1 on 1 with a Goalie for 1 minute 30 seconds (the next player on the Game Sheet will play (or skater 6 as numbered on the Game Sheet prior to the game specifically for overtime).

Shift 4 – 1 on 1 with a Goalie until a goal is scored (the next player on the Game Sheet will play (or skater 7 as numbered on the Game Sheet prior to the game specifically for overtime).